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An original model of "FASTRIDER" announced in 1980. I pack evolution model "STYLE RIDER" and "FUTURE RIDER", and it is collection to convey the change of the evolution to "STYLE RIDER" which is a new trend silhouette model "FUTURE RIDER" of 2020SS. FAST RIDER becoming the basis of the RIDER series is development by a hand of the Dr. Peter Cavanna who was the authority of the bio machine theory in Pennsylvania State University's professor in 1980. The out sole of the characteristic shape was named "Feder Bein sole" and was the thing with the function that was epoch-making for the work that a rubber stud bolt divided into two ways missed a landing shock and those days to be connected to up of the traction by kicking it, and biting the ground in the case of soup stock. It is evaluated as the shoes which are available for wearing regardless of a road trail in the running scene of the United States, and, with this sole, the perfect score evaluation of the star is done by five functions of shoes in American running specialized magazine "RUNNNERS WORLD". It is the long-awaited reproduction of the perfect gem glittering in the nostalgic run scene, and it is at a foundation bringing about a new trend of 2020 and the moment when it is.